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Note From the Morphing Grid Project

This website was the first major Power Rangers Website to be posted on the internet.  It was started by Manny Perez in the early ninties. After 1996 the site was hardly updated but remained up until after the new mellenium. At which point it was taken down. Way Back Machine archives old websites automatically. Members of the Morphing Grid Project decided to retrieve the archive and post it on the world wide web with plans to update it with imformation on all preceding Ranger seasons.  Since Manny is long gone the Project could not get his permission to do this. This is why  we are not taking any credit for this or even advirtising this site. You will never know who is on the Morphing Grid Project. Any links that exist to this domain were made when this domain was under a different ownership. We have no affilation to previous sites on this domain nor with the webmaster who made them. We have perchased this domain from the last domain holder and our using it for this new project. The Morphing Grid has never used this domain before as it was on Manny's school server.  Manny, if you are reading this we mean no disrepsect to you or your work. We are only trying to enrich the fandom and are not seeking any fame or glory. If anyone would like to jion the Morphing Grid Project email us at  morphinggridproject@yahoo.com.

Updates to the site are only beginning. Please be patient. If anything links to the Way Back Machine its because that Page hasn't been fixed yet. Also be aware than all spelling errors, link errors, broken images, ect.. will be fixed as time goes on. In time all pages will be fixed and updated with current information. Unfortunatly this is a big task for the small staff of the Morphing Grid Project. If you would like to see how the Morphing Grid was during its heyday view the Way Back Machine Archive below.

Morphing Grid Archive

The following is a message written by Manny himself ten years or so ago on this page. It should give you more prespective on his creation.

Greetings and welcome to the Morphing Grid: The Power Rangers WWW Homepage. I have not changed this message in a long time and have not been able to work on the page for almost as long. Within the past few weeks, I have finally been able to update the page and respond to email, that has been sitting around since October. It has been really great working on these pages again. It was much like visiting an old friend, whose company you enjoy very much, but other things in life have kept you apart.

Talking with this old friend of mine has brought back many memories. I remember when I first created these World Wide Web pages, so many years ago. I remember why it was called The Power Rangers WWW Homepage, because way back when these pages were first created, the site was really one big main page. It was a time before Netscape Enhancements, there were no background images or colors, and frames were but a dream. I remember when the documents section of the site consisted of three documents, The Power Ranger FAQ and The Power Ranger Episiode Guide by Terri Ann Guingab and The Power Rangers Toy List by Pamela Green. I remember searching out these documents on hard to find FTP sites, long before WWW search engines were popular. There was no need for a links section, because at the time, this was the only Power Ranger site I knew existed.

I created this site, because at the time there was no place on the Web where Power Rangers' fans could find images and information easily. I remember reading on the Power Rangers newsgroup, alt.fan.power-rangers , that some people were looking for A Power Rangers Web page. I searched for one and could not find one, so that next day I made my own. Several months after making the page, I discovered a Power Rangers page made by Eric Olson. It is a good thing that I discovered this page so late, as one reason I created the page was to fill a hole that existed in the Web, a very important hole to me. Now, there are so many Power Ranger pages, one can hardly even count them. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. Many of these pages provide things that these pages can not offer, and a person searching the web should have as many resources available as possible.

This brings me to a side issue that I would like to discuss about the Web. The Web is a great source of FREE information, which is one reason why I love it so much, but all this information must be used with a sense of etiquette. If you plan on using an image or document from this or any other site, you should ask the site owner. I'm not talking about making a personal homepage, for yourself, and adding a Power Ranger picture by a description on how much you love the Power Rangers. What I am talking about is, taking something that someone spent time on designing, writing, digitizing, etc. without asking and trying to pass it off as your own. Since this site has been up, I have encoutered people who have reworded documents and then tried to claim that they were their own, I have seen sites that consisted of nothing more then images and information from this and other sites, I have even been accused of using images, that I digitized myself, without asking! Before I use any image from any other site I try to ask first. If you wish to use anything from this site, please ask, chances are I'll say yes :-)

Well, these are just things that I have been thinking about, which is really what this space is for. Oh, I guess there Is one more thing I should mention about information from this site. Many people ask me if it is alright to add a link to it. To this question you can always consider my answer a yes. In fact why not use the Morphing Grid logo. Just use the following html code:

&ltA href=&quothttp://ic.www.media.mit.edu/Personal/manny/power/">
&ltimg src=&quothttp://ic.www.media.mit.edu/Personal/manny/power/small_pictures/titles/goback.gif"
width=90 height=70 alt=&quotMG"&gtThe Morphing Grid</A>

Which should look like this:

MGThe Morphing Grid

Finally, I would like to close this message with some of the images that I have designed for this site over the past few years, I hope you enjoy them

The first title image for the page.
The second title image for the page.
The third title image for the page.
The fourth title image for the page.
The mini title image for the page when it was taken down.
The fifth title image for the page.
The first image to have an imagemap on this site.
An old background image for the page.
The first image to serve as an introduction page to this site.
The first image to grace the the side area of the new frame enhanced version.
A never seen before image that was a candidate for an image map when the site went Zeo.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading.

- manny

A few months ago this site was taken down by a lawfirm on behalf of Saban Entertainment. During this time countless people gave me much needed support. I once again, thank all those who supported me.

Within a few short days I was contacted by a member of the Saban Interactive Department. Through his help, I was put in contact with the head of the Legal and Interactive Departments at Saban Entertainment. After a brief discussion I was allowed to put the site back up.

The results of the First MMPR Survey conducted by this site are in. To check out the results just follow this link. If you would like to see a copy of the original survey document just click here.

If you're interested in other kid-related sites, there is a new book out called KIDNET by Debra and Brad Schepp. The book conatins information about this website, as well as many others.

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