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The Power Rangers can travel to areas all around the world, and even to other planets, solar systems, and dimensions. For long range travel the Rangers almost always use teleportation. By this method, their bodies are instantaneously moved from one location to another. Another method of travel is called jetting. This method involves the rangers "flying" to their desired location at amazing speeds. When jetting, the Rangers can see as they are transported.

This page serves the same function of transportation. There are many other sites that have many wonderful things related to the Power Rangers. Below is a list of the ones I have found. If you ever jet or teleport to one not on this list, the please let me know so that I can add it. Well, enough talk ... let's see what other worlds have to offer.

The Links

MG The Morphing Grid
This is the site which you are currently at. Follow this link if you haven't seen the whole site.

Terri Ann Guingab's (Author of the MMPR FAQ, episode guides, and more) Power Ranger site. It contains the most up-to-date FAQ and episode guides, in addition to a cute little fanfic describing the creation of the Power Rangers.

Power Ranger Site
A small Power Ranger's site by Erik Olson. Historically, I think this is the first Power Ranger's site on the Web.

Power Ranger News Group
Following this link will get you to the MMPR newsgroup, if your news server supports it. You'll find lots of interesting discussion and information there, especially in the fanfic area. I visit every now and then, but sadly I'm only a lurker.

Tokusatsu Page
This page contains information and pictures about Japanese Live Action shows. As we all know, the Zord footage and some of the action sequences found on the Power Rangers originates from these shows.

MovieWeb Power Ranger Movie Site
This contains information, pictures, and video clips from the Power Rangers Movie.

Hollywood Online - Power Rangers
Even more information on the Power Rangers Movie. This site has pictures, sound bites, multimedia kits, video clips, and production notes.

Kimono My House
An online catalogue, which contains some Power Ranger toys.

FOX TV The official FOX TV site. This site contains information about the Power Ranger's TV show, and lists which episode will be playing for the current week.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Web Site
This the official Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Web Page, and conatins information and pictures concerning the Power Rangers Movie video release.

Karate Masters
This is a commercial site about Karate Master's Video, featuring Austin St. John.

Pink Ranger Page
This site is dedicated to the Pink Ranger. It contains information and pictures.

Amy Jo Johnson Fan Page
This site is dedicated to Amy Jo Johnson. It contains pictures, videos, sound clips, and a message board for discussion.

HSS Wholesale
This site has life size standup cardboard cutouts of the Power Rangers for sale.

Personalized Children's Books
Sells personalized books, including a Power Rangers book, where your child (or you) is the star of the story.

Roger's Ranger Power Links
A small site with links to other sites.

Power Rangers Central
A Power Ranger page which has information and images on the rangers, their zords, their weapons, their villians, and more. Covers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and Power Rangers Turbo.

The Tale of Two Crazy MMPR Fans in Search of "Julio and Romiette"
Just as the title says - Find out about Rebecca's and Terri Ann's adventure to California where they met Skull and got a tour of the Power Ranger's set.

David's Power Rangers WWW Home Page
A small site created by David Smith. Contains links to other sites and a collection of episode guides, including a Power Rangers Zeo Episode Guide!

Austin St. John Homepage & The Unofficial Austin St. John Fan Club
A page dedicated to the former Red Ranger, Austin St. John.

Power Rangers Newsletter
Home of the Power Rangers Online Fan Club. Contains an archive of past newsletters and information on joining the fan club. The membership is free! "Membership in the Power Rangers Fan Club includes receiving the latest newsletters and exclusive information on the show and what goes on behind-the-scene"

Mighty Morphin' Alien Power Rangers Zeo
This secret site is the home to the Power Rangers Monster Guide and other Power Rangers Information, such as text versions of some actor interviews from the Fox Kids Countdown Radio Show.

Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger Home Page
This is the homepage for the Zyuranger TV show. Zyuranger footage was used to create the first season of the the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Zack's Zeo Reviews
This page has a review of some Power Rangers Zeo Episodes. It has it's own cool rating system.

Sentai World
This homepage features pictures, sound bites, and information on various senti shows.

My Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger Sounds!!
An excellent collection of Power Ranger sound clips can be found on this web page.

Welcome to the 6th Dimension of Time
This site has a MMPR Trivia Game and a Power Rangers Trading Post.

Welcome to Ninjor's Temple!
I site dedicated to Ninjor.

My Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Page!
No, it's not "my" Power Ranger page, that's the actual title of the page found through this link. This is a small page dedicated to the Power Ranger. It has links to other sites and a section dedicated to Kimberly the Pink Ranger.

The Command Center
A great Power Rangers Zeo page. Contains a separate page for each of the rangers, with descriptions and wonderful gif animations. It also contains links to other sites.

Steven Cardenas Shrine
A site dedicated to Steven Antonio Cardenas, with lot's of information on the actor and various pictures.

Pete's Power Ranger Sounds
Tired of those long downloads to hear the Power Ranger Theme Songs? Check this site out. It has the theme songs in Real Audio.

Joshua's Power Picks
A small Power Ranger site with a collection of pictures and links to other Power Ranger related sites.

Power Rangers Links!
This site has links to other sites, Shanie's Fanfics, and information on Power Ranger related IRC Channels.

Power Rangers Online Archive
An encyclopedia to the Power Rangers universe.

The Tommy Oliver Shrine
A site dedicated to Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank).

Anycool's Power Rangers Zeo Page!
A Power Rangers site with sounds, trivia, links, and a shrine to Amy Jo Johnson.

Power Rangers Home Page
A small Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers/Power Rangers Zeo page.

Brent's ZEO Page A small Power Rangers Zeo page, which is the home of The ZEO Pals , a FREE Power Ranger Fan Club.

A David Yost Page of Worship A site totally dedicated to David Yost. Still in it's early stages, but it looks promising.

Fight for Manny's Website The site of Mara's petition to save the Morphing Grid. The site is back up now, but Mara's page stands as a tribute to the dedication of fans. Thank you Mara.

Hillherst Mansion: Home of the Big Bad BeetleBorgs! A Big Bad BeetleBorgs World Wide Web Page. Find out about Flabber and the BeetleBorgs.

Shirley's VR Trooper Site A site decicated to the VR Troopers. Synopses of all VR Trooper shows, bios on the characters, behind the scenes photo gallery, and more.

David's Amy Jo Johnson shrine A site decicated to the original Pink Ranger. Has some pictures and links.

Jason David Frank Homepage A site decicated to Jason David Frank. Has pictures, movie clips, and information.

Ronin Rangers Saga A site with original stories based on an original saga of the Power Rangers. the Ronin Rangers.

Power Rangers Zeo Cardzillion Card Game Game rules to the famous PRZ Cardzillion Game Cads.

The M.M.P.R.Zeo Crystal Divatox is now in full controll of M.M.P.R. Zeo Crystal. Please help me.!

Jason's Place A site decicated to Jason the Gold Ranger. Contains a neat section with modified Ranger pictures.

Celli's Power Rangers Page A Power Ranger site which contains links to other sites with brief descriptions.

Power Ranger Short Stories This site has original fan fictions based on the Power Rangers.

The Power Chamber Computer System This site is currently undergoing a major update. Check it out March 14th to see what's there.

The Official Privateers Web Site The official page of "The Privateers", a new SF television show coming out this fall. Jason David Frank will be playing the character Captain Nathan Balasko.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie The official page of "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie", the second Power Rangers movie.

The Zeo/Turbo Chamber A Zeo and Turbo Power Rangers site. Has information and images from the Powers Zeo. It also contains links to other realted sites.

Get Off Our Planet! A strange site held hostage by the Machine Empire.

MMPR Graphic Toy List A site containing images and descriptions of the MMPR toys.

Craig's Power Rangers Homepage A site with information and images form the Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie A site with information and images form the new Power Rangers movie.

The World of SPOOON!! A site with Power Ranger fan fictions and an episode listing.

Froog's Narrow World of Fanfics A site with Power Ranger fan fictions.

The Power Rangers Zeo Web Ring Homepage of the Power Rangers Zeo Web Ring.

The MMPRing Homepage of the MMPRing, a Power Rangers Web Ring.

Bandai American Web Site The official page of the Power Ranger toy manufacturers.

Kimberly's MMPR/ZEO Corner Kimberly's Power Ranger page with links and Power Ranger images.

A Forgotten Ranger This site is a salute to Billy(David Yost). It has information and images.

Ring of Power Homepage Homepage to the Ring of Power, a Power Rangers Web Ring.

Rito's Power Rangers HomePage This site has a collection of images, episode reviews, and a Turbo section.

Power Rangers Zeo This site contains individual pages on the Power Rangers Zeo, as well as a collection of sounds and images.

A Power Rangers page This site contains information and images on the Power Rangers.

Choriki Sentai Ohranger A site covering "Ohranger", the show from which the Zeo Rangers get their action footage.

Michael's Power Rangers Turbo Site Not much here yet, except links, but the site owner is planning to add some cool new stuff soon.

Command Center Collectables Buy, sell, and trade figures, books, comics, collectables, ect..

Ultra Power Rangers Page Power Ranger information and images.

Zord Collectors Homepage A webpage for fans that collect the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Zords. The Zords you will see there start from the original Megazord from the first season all the way up to the present Turbo series.

Power Ranger Castle A Power Rangers Web Page with images, fan fictions, and information.

Power Rangers Fanclub A Power Rangers online fan club.

CrUnChEr's Ranger page! A Power Rangers Web Site with fan fictions, links, a survey, and sections on Tommy and Kim.

Vortex Home of the "Power Ranger Universe" Web Pages. Has a weekly poll, links to other sites, and information on the page creators own brand of Power Rangers.

Power Ranger Zeo/Turbo A Page with information and images from the Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo.

Sentai Forever A page dedicated to "sentai" shows.

Rebel84606 Power Ranger Fan Page This page has images, episode reviews, cast information, and more

Cordell's Power Rangers in Space A fan's take on up comming Power Rangers in Space.

The Amy Jo Johnson Temple!! A page entirely dedicated to Amy Jo Johnson with images, fan fictions, and more.

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