The Villains of the the Power Rangers employ a variety of allies and creatures to battle them. The monsters generally begin to face the Rangers in their normal, roughly human sized forms, but then when the tide turns, one of the cheif villains or their henchmen use their powers to make the creatures grow into colossal warriors. At this point the Rangers call upon their mighty Zords to defeat the aliens.

(All the information below comes from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Monster Guide/FAQ by Robert McKeone. For more information on these and other monsters, check it out.)

The Monsters
Eye Guy Eye Guy
Rita sends Eye guy to earth to capture Billy's friend... 12 year old Willie! When Eye Guy captures an individual Rita can have unlimited access to that person's mind!

Jaws of Destruction Jaws of Destruction
The guys are working in Shop. Zedd creates the Jaws of Destruction to destroy the Rangers. Jaws is made from a saw and can cut up the Rangers into itty-bitty pieces.

Snizzard Snizzard
Kimberly is excited about going flying with her Uncle Steve but Rita decides to put her evil plot in motion and get rid of Kimberly once and for all bysending Squatt down to put a sleeping potion in Kimberly's uncle's drink, as a distraction. On the plane trip, Uncle Steve falls asleep, Bulk and Skull (Who came along) faint, and Kimberly must land the plane, with Alpha's help. While this is going on, the Power Rangers must defeat the half snake, half lizzard, Snizzard. He wraps them in his poisonous snakes but is destroyed by Kimberly, who uses her Power Bow to destory the monster's apple on his head and destroy him.

Nimrod (the Scarlet Sentinel) Nimrod (the Scarlet Sentinel)
This monster made from a statue in Angel Grove Park was the ultimate test for the Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red Rangers. However, Tommy was in a secret plot to become the White Ranger. With the combined power of all 6 Rangers Nimrod and the two assisstants, AC and DC, (Nekkuresu Kanjo and Iyaringu Kanjo) were deafeted.

Scorpitron Scorpitron
This is another bug zord of the Movie this Scorpion type zord. get's a taste of Adam's new Ninja *FROG* Zord's tongue and Billy's new Ninja *WOLF* Zord get's a byte out of this this bug.

Skellerina Skellerina
Created just for Adam this monster is a bony attempt to destroy the Rangers as we know them. Yippy Ki Yay Lord Zedd.

Vampirus Vampirus
While typing the Ninja Quest parts in this Guide/FAQ I was listening to Vampiris and relaized he has the same voice as Fang!?!?!?!?!? Anyway he looks kinda like Flamehead Monster, except more purple. He doesn't really do much.

Wizard of Deception Wizard of Deception
This Wizard is an old friend of Zordon's (yeah right) so he sends Tommy's Clone to deliver a message. The Wizard is also responsible for making the Clone and booting the Rangers off to late 1800's

The Web Crystal
The Web Crystal!!!

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