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" I'm a Frog" - Adam (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie)
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The Morphing Grid Project has decided to bring back the Morphing Grid. It was a popular site back in 1996 -2000. We do not seek any credit or glory by doing this. The original Webmaster was Manny Perez. Who seems to be long gone. We apologize for if this comes accross as an offense. We only wish to have fun and  give the fandom a good resource. The Morphing Grid is being updated by the staff. But it will be a long process.  If you would like to jion the Morphing Grid Project please email us at the above link. Please note that your work will have to remain  uncredited, as per the goals of the Project. Since this is not our site , it would not be right to take credit for it or even advirtise it.